Archive Manager

Am servers in a windows cluster

Hi all..

Wondering what the support is on Archive Manager running on a windows cluster..  Not SQL but the Archive Manager instance.  Have no problems in creating a cluster and creating the AM services / disk  resources etc,  just as long as it's okay to be supported.. for a large instance, they are also running SQL always on on SQL 2014..




  • Hi Nick,

    I am not sure we care as our application is installed on top of a Windows host and as long as your not asking us to provide specific support for the windows cluster itself, then we are good.  Example, calling our technical support team and asking specific questions about Windows clusters or asking us for automatic failover to the active node.  We certainly don't test our solution on a Windows cluster today and at the current time, we are not looking to change that.  If you have any other specific questions about this, feel free to contact me directly at



  • thanks.. I've seen a few customers with windows clusters running AM - can be difficult to setup but in larger organisations  it keeps downtime low. also as only one system is working at once  then licencing is not a problem...