12/12/12, cosmic order, perfection and #SharePoint administration

 So the world may come to an apocolypic end in 9 days, but for today on 12/12/12, we have cosmit order, perfection and a new release of Site Administrator for SharePoint!



Why is 12 so important?

  1. 12 is a symbol of cosmit order
  2. 12 is the number of space and time
  3. There are 12 months in a year
  4. We measure time in two groups of 12 hours (except for those weirdos who use insist on confusing the rest of us with military time, causing me to perform poor mental equations and thus show up at events an hour or two early or late)
  5. 12 signs in the zodiac (I am a capricorn, which means I'm practical and prudent! But some say it means miserly and grudging - whatev...)
  6.  12 signs in the Chinese zodiac (I am a monkey)
  7. There are 12 tribes of Israel
  8. There are 12 days of Christmas
  9. Magnesium has the Atomic number 12
  10. 12 Angry Men is a must see movie for any SharePoint governance committee that needs to come together on several key tenants for their governance stratgy
  11. 12 is divisible by 4 - I love any number divisible by 4!!
  12. 12 is the ancient meaning of perfection because there are 4 corners of the earth, 4 elements and 4 cardinal points. Multiple 4 x 3 (the sacred number of God) and you get 12 (talk about mental equations?!).


What does all this cosmic order, space-time perfection mean to SharePoint? It means that your SharePoint environment can have the same harmony and perfection that our universe is experience on just one day for all days of your SharePoint's existence - even through the chaos of the end of the world in 9 days (you just know your users will run amok)!



Site Adminsitrator for SharePoint helps you to control your SharePoint chaos by giving you increased visibility into SharePoint for both administrators and business content owners while reducing the time it takes to report, act upon and enforce policies for your SharePoint governance plan.

  • 360° discovery and reporting
  • Delegated, security-trimmed access
  • Pre-migration planning
  • Comprehensive security and content management
  • User activity auditing
  • Growth forecasting and management


Check out this short video to see how Site Administrator can help control your chaos. You'll love how the new user interface will bring cosmic order and perfection to your SharePoint life and the lives of your site collection and site owners!