A quick guide to submitting Support Cases or requesting new Features

Hey all ya'll,


I've had a quite a few customers email recently regarding ideas they want to see in ChangeBASE. This is one of the best parts of my job because:


  • It reminds us that we have a tool that's shaped by customers requests; and is extreamly agile when it comes to redevelopment
  • Occasionally I get to say; but it already does that!


So if you're considering dropping your local ChangeBASE systems engineer a line, or perhaps emailing Support@Quest.com then here's a guide.



Don't forget that we have an awesome FAQ here: https://www.quest.com/community/


1) Are you using the latest version of ChangeBASE? - Do let us know when you're writing to us.

Do check https://www.quest.com/solutions/migration-and-consolidation/ for the latest updates to features already in the current version.


2) Do you know your licence status? - Do let us know the licence you have and if possible the actual licence code

Did you know your licence actually governs what you have access to - make sure that you're not trying to do something you don't have a licence for


3) How are you running ChangeBASE? - Don't forget to tell us if you have SQL Server or perhaps VMware server involved in the mix. Windows 7, XP, VMware Workstation, SQL Express - whatever you can in case we need to repluicate your environment.

Did you know ChangeBASE client needs certain pre-requisites before connecting to a remote SQL server - don't forget to check the pre-requisites in the User Guide


4) Have you checked the User Guide? - We've included a link in the Start Menu for ease of access, otherwise it's inside the Documentation folder in your ChangeBASE Program Files folder.

We'll always do our best to answer your queries quickly, but while you're testing things at your end, why not check the documentation using the Find function for relevant keywords.


5) Would you like to start a discussion instead? - Do feel free to ask the community your questions; we're a friendly bunch!

I would reccomend not telling the world your licence key[:)]