Ahoy, #SharePoint! Arrrr... is for Recovery #InternationalTalkLikeAPirateDay #ITLAPD

Ahoy, me hearties! It be September 19th - International Talk Like A Pirate Day!


While pirates are bad people – no matter what the Disney Junior television channel tries to tell my child. But talking like a pirate just makes everything silly! And we need more silly in today’s 24-hour, outraged news cycle.



Avast! Beware the following scenario: while its written in pirateese and gives a whimsical alternative to a very grave SharePoint scenario, it’s still a very real and dangerous scenario for any SharePoint administrator out there with a troupe of users he/she is trying to keep from mutiny.


Imagine for a second that the first mate can't access an important document in SharePoint because it’s vanished as quickly as the Black Pearl. And that document was ye all important treasure map to ye olde trove of gold doubloums.


Now ye no longer have a map where X marks the spot to ye-r booty, but ye, the SharePoint administrator, now have a mark on ye own booty if ye can’t get the map back into SharePoint.


Ye’ll have a mutiny on ye hands if ye don’t smartly (that’s quickly for land lubbers) recover the document from last night’s backup. Now, let’s hope ye aren’t relying on native SharePoint recovery because “smartly” is not its synonym. Don’t get us wrong, ye could use native recovery, but remember, ye-r pirate troupe is hungry for gold and ye’ll be dining with Davey Jones long before ye get your map back if ye follow such a slow route.


So how do ye avoid walking the plank, but instead swagger like the pirate of the hour ye arrr?! Recover the map quickly. But let’s say ye have several versions of the map because ye captain kept changing his mind on where to bury the booty many years ago? Ye need the right map with the right X. So you need a recovery tool that let’s ye preview what ye’re going to recover before ye recover it. With Recovery Manager for SharePoint, ye can do all this:


  • Search across historical backups (this is not a day forward solution), and multiple live recycle bins
  • Leverage the backups ye already own, including many enterprise wide backup systems
  • Preview the map (documents, items) before ye recover
  • Restore back to the SharePoint location, a new SharePoint location or ye olde desktop or file share (that last part is helpful when SharePoint is down)
  • Oh, and if ye whole SharePoint sinks, ye have disaster recovery for the farm, web application, site collection or site.


So hop to it and protect ye-r SharePoint data! Smartly, me lass! Download a trial of Recovery Manager for SharePoint.


Then Paaarrrty like a Pirate!