Archive Manager 4.4 has been released!

Archive Manager 4.4 was released on October 13th and provides support for Exchange 2010, Win 2008 and Win 2008 R2, and SQL 2008 SP2. Click here to download the new version. Besides these platform enhancements, new features/enhancements include:

  • Subfolder Searches: Archive Manager now allows you to choose whether to include subfolders of the selected folder in a search.
  • Server-side Sort: You can now sort all of the search results returned in your query. Emails can be sorted by columns including: Size; Date; From; To; Subject; Attachment Count; Importance; and Message Class. Attachments can be sorted by columns including: File Name; Size; and Attachment Type.
  • Checksum Validation Image: A green check indicates that a message is secure and has not been tampered with. A red X indicates that a message may have been tampered with.
  • Downloadable Documentation: The Administration Website now contains a link that allows you to view all current Archive Manager documentation available for download.