Are You on the Light Side or Dark Side?

Today, May 4th, is a special day for "Star Wars" fans. “May the Fourth be with you” is a play on the popular line “May the Force be with you.” Many fans take the day to celebrate their love for the movie in various ways, such as hosting a Star Wars movie marathon, fighting with light sabers, dressing up as a favorite character or adding to their collection of "Star Wars" memorabilia.

We decided to celebrate "Star Wars Day" by having a fun discussion. We asked a few of our customers this question: “Are you on the dark side or the light side and why?” Which of their responses resonates best with you?

Choose Wisely You Must

“Light side. Sith are weaker than Jedi.”

“Dark side. We have more fun on this side.”

“Light side. Good needs to prevail if we are all to survive.”

“Dark side. We have cookies!”

“Light side. Ours is the correct path.”

“Dark side. Unlimited power!”

“Light side. The dark side may have cookies, but we have brownies.”

“Dark side. Clothes are way better looking.”

“Light side. It always seems to win and we don’t get hit by blasters.”

“Dark side. Red sabers — end of discussion.”

While our customers are divided on this great debate, one thing is certain:  IT systems professionals maintain the balance in the IT force, which surrounds us, penetrates us and binds us together. And there’s no better solution to help balance the IT force than KACE systems management appliances. With KACE, the IT force can be strong with you, too.

Whether you’re on the light side or the dark side, we celebrate "Star Wars Day" with you.

May the Fourth be with you.