Are you using Stat to its Full Potential? Uploading Patches

The first step in using Stat for patching involves downloading the patch from My Oracle Support (or to us old timers Metalink.)  By uploading the patch into Stat you will be able to run impact analysis as well as apply the patch.   I am going to discuss how it works in Stat and what you need to do to accomplish this first step.

Once you identify a patch that you need to apply to your application environment  go out to My Oracle Support and download the patch to your desktop the same as if you were going to apply the patch normally.  But from here Stat is going to come into play.  Instead of having to put the patch on each server you will upload it into Stat and Stat will automatically take care of that for you when needed.  Open the patch console as illustrated below by either selecting Consoles/OraApps Patch Console or using the quick launch icon from the toolbar.

This will open the patch console as seen below.  You will see all the patches that have been added into Stat as well as any patches that were captured by the undocumented patch wizard (described in a later article.)  You will then need to select the new button

This will open the ‘New Oracle App Patch’ window.  Immediately select the ‘Files’ tab

By pressing the ‘Upload’ button you can navigate on your machine to where you downloaded the patch.  Select the patch and press ‘Open’.

Note if you have a need to download the patch from the Stat repository you can use the ‘Download’ button.

Stat will open the ‘Patch Upload’ screen.  Notice that Stat automatically derives the Platform and Language.  Hit ‘OK’.

From this screen you can view the ‘Readme’ file

Here you can see the readme file.  * Note it is important to review the readme files for special notes and actions.

Navigate to the ‘General’ tab and fill out the appropriate information.

*Notes:  Select from each dropdown the appropriate values for reporting purposes. Entering a TAR/SR number is not required but can be helpful for reporting if associated to an Oracle TAR/SR.  AutoPatch Options can be defined here by putting values like options=’hotpatch.’ Multiple options are separated by a comma.  You can also choose to add these options at the time you schedule the patch to be applied, as I prefer, but either option is acceptable.

Hit ‘Apply’ and you will see the patch uploaded to the Stat repository. You will see it is uploaded when the ‘Last Update’ and ‘Update By’ values are populated.

You have now successfully uploaded a patch into Stat.  In the next article we will discuss checking for Patch requisites and how this accomplished in Stat.

Please feel free to ask me questions if you need more details.