Bad #SharePoint practice # 253: Run #SP as an IT Project. Wait, what?! Oh, & my dog...

 So the title's not all true - its actually bad SharePoint adoption practice #1!! But I didn't want to scare you.


Believe me, you, I and my dog Cam (pictured in all her ferocious glory to the right) could think of a million bad ways to drive away users from SharePoint!


But no one wants to read a document that long and reflect on just how many of those we've all done! Instead, Chris McNulty, SharePoint extraordinaire, has boiled the bad SharePoint adoption practices to seven listed here: Proven Techniques for Speeding SharePoint Adoption!


Note: On the upside, he also lists the top 10 GOOD SharePoint adoption practices in there too!



Bad SharePoint Practice #253, which is actually #1: Run SharePoint as an IT project without business engagement.


The "business" hates being told what to do. Building a SharePoint site that presumes to guess at the real needs is great way to get an abandoned site. "We never asked for it, so I don't see why we should use it just because IT says so" is usually the end result.


Likelihood of project death: 90-100%.


Find out about the rest of the bad practices to avoid and the good practices to employ to ensure your users not only don't run screaming from SharePoint as grown adults do from my dog, but also embrace, pet and adopt SharePoint (note: dog is not up for adoption).


Proven Techniques for Speeding SharePoint Adoption!