Big Plans for GroupWise in 2012

We have some significant projects underway for our GroupWise customers in 2012, so I thought it may be interesting to highlight a few of them as we approach the end of 2011.

Coexistence Manager for GroupWise - GroupWise 7 is coming! GroupWise 7 is coming! Since we released CMG 1.0 in June, the most common request has been support for GroupWise 7. Unfortunately, some of the functionality leveraged by the original release was introduced by Novell in GroupWise 8. As a result, the shipping version is only able to support GroupWise 8.x. We have been working on a version of CMG for GroupWise 7 and it will be available in the first half of 2012. Why so long? Supporting free/busy with GroupWise 7 actually requires a completely different architecture, so it has been a significant undertaking. However, we have proven the new architecture and finalized the design, so support for GroupWise 7 is coming soon to a collaborative environment near you.

GroupWise Migrator for Exchange - GME 4.0 will be generally available in early January and is a significant release. Some of the highlights include:

  • Expanded Office 365 support
  • Tight integration with Quest's Coexistence Manager for GroupWise (CMG)
  • Directory provisioning and mailbox creation directly to Office 365 or leveraging Microsoft's Online Services DirSync tool
  • Automated routing updates in both directions
  • Migration of resource functionality
  • Provisioning of public distribution lists (PDLs) to Office 365.
  • Migration to Personal Archives (Office 365 or On-premises)
  • Tooltips added throughout the interface to assist with configuration
  • "Private" attribute maintained during migration
  • Delayed send support
  • Additional data elements extract by Directory Exporter from GroupWise
  • New GME Scenarios Guide documentation

We also have two additional major projects in the works for GroupWise migrations:

  1. A hosted GroupWise migration platform will be available in 2012. This solution will leverage some of the existing technology available in Quest's OnDemand Migration for Email platform and provide a SaaS option for organizations migrating from GroupWise.
  2. Technology is being developed to convert GroupWise recurring and custom recurring meetings into recurrence rules (with exceptions as needed) in Exchange. Historically, as a result of how appointments are created & stored in GroupWise, the instances of a recurring series were preserved, but the "link" between them was lost. This advanced conversion technology will be available in both the on-premises and hosted versions of Quest's GroupWise migration suite.

I am very excited about the plans for 2012. These enhancements will provide significant value for organizations migrating from GroupWise next year and in the future.