Can't Connect to Wireless? Try These Steps


Anyone with a laptop or smart phone has experienced the frustration of not being able to connect to a Wi-Fi network. It used to be as simply as just plugging in a wire, now you have no idea why you cannot connect. You wonder if you are doing something wrong, or if the network is down, or if you are simply sitting to close to the microwave oven?


Over the past few years that have been improvements that both simplify the set-up of wireless networks and reduce the complexity of connecting your device to a Wi-Fi network. However it is still a common sight to see users struggling with Wi-Fi connectivity problems.


If you need to connect your device to different Wi-Fi networks, or if you are the IT person that users call when they cannot connect, then you need this article: “six ways to get yourself connected to Wi-Fi”. This article provides a step-by-step guide to resolving the most common and the most challenging Wi-Fi connectivity problem and it will get you and your users up and reconnected to the Internet in minimal time.


Although the illustrations in this article are specific to Windows 7 clients, the techniques shown can also be applied to troubleshooting Wi-Fi connectivity problems with devices that are using other operating systems.


Read this article and get yourself connected!