Ending the Application Change Management Insanity

We have robots that clean floors, planes that practically fly themselves and soon we’ll all be riding around in driverless cars. So why are IT managers, of all people, still expected to do so much work…manually?

Dude, where’s my automation?

As someone who appreciates innovation and efficiency, few things probably annoy you more than using outdated processes to manage application changes. And you have every right to feel frustrated – because it’s absurd.

You shouldn’t have to knock on doors to gather physical signatures (Why is my boss never in his office?) or populate spreadsheets (Glad I earned multiple degrees – so that I could do data entry.) and track emails yourself (What am I, Microsoft Outlook?).

It’s enough to drive you nuts. You’ve got real work to do, real talent to offer and yet you’re stuck “delivering TPS reports” like you’re in the movie “Office Space” circa 1999. Well, the truth is: It doesn’t have to be this way.

No more face-palming for you

By automating the entire application change management lifecycle – yes, it’s possible! – you’ll:

  • Improve security and compliance.
  • Increase visibility.
  • Experience true efficiency – finally!
  • Maintain your sanity. 

We’ve got three words for you: You. Were. Right.

The reason all the manual work and running around is so annoying to intelligent IT professionals like you is that you understand the vast capabilities of modern technology. You already know there’s a better way to manage application changes. And now there’s a video that proves you were right.

New video: “Automating the Application Change Management Lifecycle”

Check out this super short video to see how you can get hours back in your day with an automated approach to managing application changes.

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