GroupWise 7 Coexistence

In 2011, we released Coexistence Manager for GroupWise to provide full coexistence between GroupWise and Exchange. Since that time we have added support for Office 365 as well.

The architecture chosen for the Free/Busy Connector leveraged a feature of GroupWise that was not available until GroupWise 8. As a result, Coexistence Manager for GroupWise was not able to support GroupWise version 7.x.

There is still a significant population of GroupWise 7 and mixed environments globally. Unfortunately, even after the release of Coexistence Manager for GroupWise, these organizations did not have a viable option for full coexistence...until now!

This week, Coexistence Manager for GroupWise (CMG) 1.1 released to marketing and will be generally available soon. CMG 1.1 features a separate architecture that provides complete coexistence with GroupWise 7. A different architecture was required to support Busy Time searches from GroupWise 7.

The original architecture is still supported and both options are included with Coexistence Manager for GroupWise. As a result, pure GroupWise 8 environments can still install the original architecture, while GroupWise 7 and mixed environments can utilize the new architecture to achieve full coexistence.

Happy Coexisting!