Highlighting heterogeneous aspect of Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise Edition

Foglight for Virtualization Enterprise is built from ground up to support monitoring heterogeneous environments. The flexible multi-tier architecture is capable of supporting even the largest virtual environments spanning across multiple hypervisors such as vSphere, Hyper-v as well as monitoring the most virtualized applications such as Active Directory and Exchange.


The screenshot below shows the Monitoring screen for the vSphere environment:


Monitoring heterogeneous virtualized environment in Foglight is more than a check box, it includes building the domain expertise for each one of the supported areas. That includes auto discovery of the components in the topology, rules, and thresholds that can provide immediate value out of the box.


The screenshot below shows the Monitoring screen for the Hyper-v environment:


For customers who are using the Hyper-v portion of the product, we have exciting new functions coming out later this year. Such features include:

  • Hyper-v host monitoring via light-weight agent for enhanced data collection
  • Optional VMM monitoring
  • Monitor Hosts, Clusters and Storage
  • Support storage monitoring with end to end mapping from VM to LUN. And the ability to trace performance problems in VM, Server, Switches, and Arrays.
  • Advanced functions such as Change Analyzer and Capacity Modeling.


We’ll share more details about the new Hyper-v functions later as we get closer to the release.


Monitoring highly virtualized applications such as Active Directory and Exchange along with monitoring the underlying hypervisor will allow the administrators to identify root cause whether it’s in the hypervisor layer or at the application level.


The screenshot below shows the screen for Active Directory in a virtualized environment:

Foglight is the tool that can help standardize monitoring across various silos of an organization and provide the single pane of glass that vendor specific products can never delivered.