How Are You Protecting Unstructured Data? #Auditing #ITGovernance

First the facts: According to Gartner, unstructured data will grow some 80% over the course of the next 5 years, creating huge IT challenges. Security controls for unstructured data have failed to keep pace, and the result is serious enterprise risk of exposure. That’s why, with the help of security expert Randy Franklin Smith, we’ve created a tech brief on how to address the problems associated with unstructured data so you can get a handle on it, hopefully, before it becomes a problem.


What’s unstructured data? Well, it comes in many forms. Think emails, documents and spreadsheets. This data typically resides in file servers, NetApp, Emc and SharePoint. The high information quality of these documents and the sheer amount of data poses a huge security risk and compliance concern for organizations. Questions you should consider asking include:


  • Who’s been viewing these files? (ex: employees, customers, patients, students, etc)
  • Who’s been modifying these files? (ex: this requirement for Sarbanes-Oxley is often over looked!)
  • Who currently has access and what access control changes have occurred on these files? (ex: this is critical for sensitive documents)


Native tools just aren’t up to snuff and it’s amazing how often we see customers struggle trying to make native tools work. This tech brief highlights those challenges and compares native functionality to our solution line by line! This is one tech brief you won’t want to overlook!

So download the tech brief today and Happy Friday!