How to change proxy-account using PowerShell

Recently we've got following scenario from customer.

Due to elevated permissions needed for ARS proxy accounts, there needs to be an automated way ( no human intervention) where password is automatically changed every 30 days. Ideally, the automated script can then be added to TPAM so TPAM can change password within ARS database using the script every 30 days and no IT staff is aware of the password.

Let's check on UI where managed domain objects are.

Now let's try to get list of managed domains with Powershell:

Get-QADobject -SearchRoot 'Configuration/Server Configuration/Managed Domains' -proxy

In case I need to change account for specific domain I can use Set-QADObject cmdlet and specify DN of managed domain object.

Set-QADobject 'CN=cuprum.customdev.msk.qsft,CN=Managed Domains,CN=Server Configuration,CN=Configuration' -ObjectAttributes @{edsaAccountName='aurum\admin1111';edsaAccountPassword='P@ssword';edsaUseOverrideAccount=$TRUE} -proxy