How to Overcome Common Challenges During Notes to SharePoint Application Migrations

Many companies have started Notes migration projects. Typically, they start with migrating Notes mail to Microsoft Exchange first. Then they look at what to do about the Notes applications. We know that migrating Notes applications can be more difficult than migrating mail. We often see customers getting stuck in different phases of the Notes application migration process.

I review how to overcome common challenges that customers face in this Notes migration process in my new recorded video on YouTube. How to overcome common challenges during Notes to SharePoint migrations


However, you might need an even more detailed overview. If that is the case, please view my 8 minute recorded presentation: Notes Migrations: Where Customers Get Stuck


Quest is actively working on solving the challenges that customers have with Notes to SharePoint migrations. One solution that Quest recently came out with is the APPceleration service offering. The APPceleration service offering provides a service that transitions standard Notes applications to SharePoint. It can also be used to archive simple custom Notes applications to PDF or PDF/A files. These files can be posted to a file system or to SharePoint. The goals of the service are to reduce risk, fix pricing, use code-free solutions, and accelerate the migration project for customers. You can find more details about it here: Introducing the Notes to SharePoint Migration "Appceleration" Service


You can download a copy of the Discovery Edition of our Migrator for Notes to SharePoint tool on our Product Support page by clicking on the link below. Please check that you select the latest product model/version in the drop down list.