In the News - Quest Alleviates Windows 7 Migration Challenges

Combination of Quest Workspace ChangeBASE and Quest Workspace Asset Manager Can Reduce Migration Time by up to One-Half

As Microsoft prepares to end support for Windows XP, time is winding down for organizations that must move to Windows 7 and have not yet begun preparation for the migration. This inevitable process can take as long as two years, and many companies are encountering hurdles along the way, which only add significant time, cost and complexity to the process. To ease this reality, Quest Software has extended its total migration leadership by offering a unique combination of Quest Workspace™ ChangeBASE™ and Workspace Asset Manager solutions from its User Workspace Management portfolio to simplify, streamline and reduce the costs of Windows 7 deployments.


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News Facts:

  • Quest Software has released new versions of its Workspace ChangeBASE and Workspace Asset Manager solutions that shorten the average migration time by up to one-half, translating to as much as six months, while furthering the company’s vision for managing user-centric workspaces that enable users to be productive on any device, anywhere in the world.
  • Quest ChangeBASE and Asset Manager work seamlessly together to form a one-of-a-kind combination that provides both short and long-term value, taking on the critical task of identifying and cleaning up applications to ensure a rapid and efficient migration, then managing the on-going application environment with dynamic updates based on application compatibility rule information as well as monthly updates of OS patches.
  • With these latest advancements, Quest integrates application compatibility with application discovery to create a complete user workspace management portfolio that alleviates Windows 7 deployment challenges.
  • As a longtime trusted advisor to 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies, Quest provides unmatched advice on migration deployments – everything from pre-deployment preparation to in-the-trenches support and ongoing maintenance and management – for hundreds of customers worldwide. Quest’s migration experts have helped customers reduce migration times, paring the average six-month application compatibility period down to one week or less.


ChangeBASE and Asset Manager Ensure Quick and Seamless Windows 7 Migrations

Quest Workspace ChangeBASE 5.0 easily addresses application compatibility issues so migrations to Windows 7, as well as virtualized desktop and application technologies, gain time-savings and increased organization agility. The savings are substantial in terms of cost, effort, and time, due to ChangeBASE’s unique automated solution. The following new features take ease of management to the next level:


  • Step-by-Step Application Remediation – Get more detailed clarity on what exactly all the issues mean and more importantly, how to fix them. Fixes can be applied on an individual application or in bulk.
  • Application readiness dashboards - Simplify tracking of application readiness, resources and progress with online dashboards and reporting features that provide real-time insight on compatibility projects using graphs, charts, calculators, project tracking, and next-step wizards.
  • Automated application virtualization - Speed delivery of the user workspace by automating application virtualization and reducing packaging times to Microsoft App-V, VMware ThinApp, Citrix XenApp, and Symantec SWV.


Quest Workspace Asset Manager 9.0 adds immediate value to the Windows 7 migration process, and to ongoing application lifecycle management with automated, complete application discovery. The product’s innovative ability to optimize use of software licenses in physical and virtual environments helps organizations decrease costs by keeping and purchasing only those applications the business needs, while mitigating risks associated with license compliance. New features in Asset Manager include:


  • Automatic software metering – Save countless hours required to manually define application executables, and provide valuable input to a pre-migration application portfolio assessment with automated software usage tracking and metering for thousands of software packages.
  • Increased license management automation – After migration, keep costs controlled with automated tracking and reporting on software usage and upgrade rights, the ability to maintain an upgrade chain and history for licenses, the ability to import contract use rights, and to locate the cheapest upgrade license.
  • Enhanced visibility – Maintain better ongoing control over the entire application environment with more than 20 alerts, which add new visibility to software license and compliance status; application usage; and contract, asset scan, and hardware resource status.
  • Enhanced integration with Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix EdgeSight means the entire virtual software environment can be managed and supported from simplified, centralized views.


Shayne Higdon, senior vice president and general manager, User Workspace Management and Monitoring, Quest Software “Quest’s unique combination of discovery and application migration capabilities offers the market’s most complete and simplified approach to Windows 7 migrations as well as long term management of the dynamic application environment. Together, Quest ChangeBASE and Asset Manager represent a multitude of Quest innovations that drive ever more value to our customers, keeping them ahead of user demands–and the competition–by delivering the applications, data, platforms, and connectivity options users need every day, on whichever device they choose.”