K2000 Deployment Appliance version 3.7 - Service Pack 1

We are pleased to announce the immediate release of Service Pack 1 for the Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance version 3.7. The K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance makes it easy to fulfill all of your organization’s systems provisioning needs with capabilities for inventory assessment, OS and image deployment, user state migration, system configuration, application installation, and recovery. The K2000 improves deployment efficiency and reliability while reducing deployment time and bandwidth consumption with features such as multicasting for Windows and Mac OS X and a powerful task engine that automates pre-installation and post-installation tasks.

Service Pack 1 comprises the following enhancements:

  • Upgrades the operating system of the appliance to FreeBSD 10 for new appliances and virtual appliances
  • Adds support for hosting a virtual appliance on Hyper-V (RSA is not supported on Hyper-V)
  • Introduces a new strong password policy for the appliance
  • Improves the deployment workbench and the driver feed
  • Additional security, performance and stability improvements

Service pack 1 is available for immediate download through the Quest support portal at:


Best wishes!