K2000 Kloser Look: Dashboards and Reports

Did you know the K2000 provides useful dashboards and graphical reports that deliver quick insight into your key management metrics? Often overlooked, the dashboard and reports feature offers audit logs for manual and automated deployments (boot actions), multiple reporting tools, and system performance information that will keep you updated on imaging deployments, system patterns and trends; as well as how busy the K2000 is itself. Just check out some of the reports you can download under the Audit Log tab:


If you need to know how re-imaging patterns are trending over a 4-month period instead of a 12-month periods, or if a particular imaging deployment is taking longer than it should due to network issues, the dashboard and reports feature is what you need to use to configure your dashboard views and discover important information about your network. Check out the Logs, Reports, and System Performance tools in the Reports module on your K2000 for these features and much more!