Managing Life Changes is Like Managing Active Directory Changes


The principles of good change management can be applied to anything in life. Let’s assume that you drive to work every morning leaving at 8am and arriving at work at approximately 8.45am. However, circumstances have changed and now that you daughter has reach school age, you need to take your daughter to school on the way to work. How do you affect this change in your morning drive to work?


First you will need the reasoning skills to be able to read a map, plot a new route and ensure that you arrive at the school in the permitted drop-off times. Secondly you will need to need to get your manager’s approval to implement the change because changing the time you arrive at work has the potential to impact the other people that you work with. Next you will write down the time you should leave the house, the time you need to arrive and the best route, just in case there is an emergency and someone else has to take your daughter to school.


For security and safety you will let the school know who is permitted to pick your daughter up from school, and in some situations who is not permitted to pick up your daughter. It goes without saying that you will make sure that during school vacations you will go back to the previous way you drove to work. Lastly, you will insist that the school contact you if there are any changes to the schedule, such as the school closing because of a snow blizzard.


So if you related to this change scenario then you have the basis for understanding change management. Now read Dr. Avril Salter’s article describing the six best practices in managing GPO changes in Active Directory. Learn how you can successfully manage GPO changes using the same core principles that you use in managing your life.