NetVault LiteSpeed - What's in a Name?

EDITED: March 3, 2014

Our customers will be happy to know that LiteSpeed is in the process of dropping "NetVault" from its name and going back to the original "LiteSpeed for SQL Server". The Dell web site has already been rebranded. With the 8.0 release of LiteSpeed (release date to-be-announced), the product itself will be renamed back to its original name.

The original post follows:


If you recently downloaded and installed the latest LiteSpeed 7.0, you may have noticed something different; the addition of “NetVault” to the name. Officially, we are now called NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server. It’s understandable you may be wondering what this means for you as an existing customer (or a potential new one). The simple answer is it won't affect you at all. No product code changes, no product swaps needed, no changes at all; just the friendly NetVault name front and center.


And that’s really it. The only significance is that LiteSpeed is now a part of the larger NetVault family of data protection products at Quest. If you're unfamiliar with Quest’s other data protection products, please click over to our Data Protection landing page for more information:


There you'll find our enterprise backup and recovery tool NetVault Backup, NetVault FastRecover with true CDP and instant restore capabilities for SQL Server, Exchange, Oracle, and Windows file servers (you may already know about FastRecover from the recently announced LiteSpeed for SQL Server High-Availability Edition), vRanger virtual protection for VMWare and Hyper-V, Recovery Manager products for Exchange, SharePoint, and AD, SharePlex for Oracle replication, and now NetVault LiteSpeed for SQL Server.


That’s all. Happy… protecting.