New partnership: Reliable alerting and on-call scheduling with PagerDuty

Hello all! We are excited to announce our partnership with PagerDuty, an on-call scheduling, alerting and incident management solution. Currently, you can receive Foglight Alarms via email but it’s easy to miss an email alarm when you’re asleep or away from the computer. We have partnered with PagerDuty to give you more control over how and when you receive Foglight Alarms.
Customizable Incident Management
Large systems are maintained by multiple engineers from database administrators to developers to system administrators. Applications run 24/7/365 so someone always has to be on-call to make sure incidents are resolved whenever they arise. With Foglight you can manage your entire system on one screen. And with PagerDuty you can manage all your incidents in one place. Regardless of how your on-call schedule is organized or where you may be when an incident occurs, if you’re on-call and something goes wrong, you can rely on PagerDuty notify you.
PagerDuty allows users to set-and-forget on-call schedules. When incidents occur, the right person will be notified via any combination of phone call, SMS, mobile push notification and email alerts. If the primary on-call person misses the alerts, set automatic escalations to the secondary on-call engineer. This means there are no more missed incidents and less downtime.
“Quest Foglight helps customers monitor their systems’ performance and availability. By integrating with PagerDuty, Foglight customers can easily manage on-call schedules and route alerts to the right person when something goes wrong.” - Alex Solomon, CEO, PagerDuty
Get Started
To start delivering alerts to the right people, install the PagerDuty cartridge. Foglight watches over your applications and if there’s something wrong, PagerDuty will let you know whenever, wherever you are. PagerDuty offers a free 30-day trial so get started today to remove your on-call headaches.