New Planning Guide and Technical Review Documents Available

I created two new documents to assist our partners and customers with planning for Notes to SharePoint migrations.

The first document is titled MNSP Planning Guide.

There are several recommended actions to be taken prior to starting a Notes application assessment and/or migration. This document provides a list of the activities that should be completed. The goal of these activities is to create a common understanding of the project prerequisites and deliverables between the customer and the service provider (e.g. a Dell partner). It will also help to ensure that the right actions are taken by both parties to have a successful project.

If you are the customer and planning to perform the migration planning yourself, then consider yourself as also being in the role of the service provider or partner.

One of the challenges with the amount of work that needs to be completed is that it is a significant amount of work. However, you will quickly know if the actual project will be successful or in trouble based on how these activities are completed.

A significant amount of work is required to create the Assessment Report and the Migration Plan. The actual amount of time that it takes to complete this work is usually dependent on the size of the Notes application involvement, the amount of required detail, and the involvement of the customer (via reviews). We cannot emphasize enough the importance of creating a detailed Assessment Report and Migration Plan for the customer. These documents will be used to bring the customer into the migration phase. These documents will also be used to estimate the level of effort and cost for the migration phase.

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The second document is titled What Cannot be Migrated from Lotus Notes Databases to SharePoint or Office 365.

Quest has a very robust Notes application migration tool named Migrator for Notes to SharePoint (MNSP). It provides many ways to migrate content from Lotus Notes databases to SharePoint or Office 365. However, some content in Lotus Notes databases cannot be migrated to SharePoint or Office 365.

This document reviews the most common issues with migrating content from Lotus Notes to SharePoint or Office 365. This is not a comprehensive list and it may continue to grow to support our partners and customers. Thus, you may come across other issues where Lotus Notes content does not migrate to SharePoint such that does not appear the same or at all.

This document is meant to be used to set expectations about what can and cannot be migrated. It is better to have this discussion before the migration work begins.

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