New Release of Quest Migration Solutions Focuses on Speedy #qSharePoint Migrations and Upgrades

As capable as third-party SharePoint content migration solutions are today, there is one area where the database attach method is far more superior . It’s the speed. Organizations demand faster migration and content deployment tools to keep up with the ever-growing SharePoint farms.


Today Quest Software rolled out a new version 4.1 for its SharePoint migration lineup that will significantly increase the migration performance. Most notably, Quest added powerful automation capabilities to its multi-threaded migration engine that was released with version 4.0 last year. In addition, the following new features ensure faster data transfer and consolidation:

  • Native 64-bit version
  • Improved memory management for all copy operations, enabling more simultaneous migration threads than you can imagine
  • Optimized users, group and permission copy performance


In addition to performance enhancements, the new SharePoint Migration Solutions 4.1 release adds a number of great features and improvements:

  • Site Compare
  • CSV-Based Migration
  • Office Metadata Mappingfor metadata-based navigation and search.
  • Improved Web Parts Migration
  • Size Filtering
  • Virtual Outlook Folders


Quest Migration Solutions for SharePoint 4.1 are available for download here:



Note to Existing Customers

All of the new features, fixes and enhancements in the 4.1 release are available as part of the weekly web updates. If you have been updating your Quest SharePoint migration tool, you may not need to install the new version. In order to see if you need to install the new release, please check your application version on the About screen (Help | About).


  • If the version is 4.0.201112042133 or below, you will need to reinstall the application:
  1. Download the 4.1 installation package from the product page (listed above) or SupportLink
  2. Uninstall the current version
  3. Install the new version
  4. All application settings, including activation, site connections, settings profiles, will be maintained.
  • If your version is 4.1.201112112135 or higher, your Quest SharePoint migration tool has been updated to version 4.1 automatically via web updates.




For more information on using the automatic web update feature, please refer to the Updating the Application section of the user guide.