NEW releases of Site Administrator for SharePoint and Recovery Manager for SharePoint

New maintenance releases of both Site Administrator and Recovery Manager just went live on and on Quest SupportLink. I thought I'd share some details here:
Recovery Manager 4.0.5 (download)
  • If you ever tried to restore a web application with host-header binding with native tools you know it just does not restore properly. Except with Recovery Manager farm restore, it now takes care of such web applications. You simply get them back with the original host header, no need for any manual workarounds anymore!
  • Ever had to re-run the whole farm recovery from the beginning because a single step failed to complete somewhere halfway through? Well, no more – Recovery Manager now has the Retry button for any operation that fails to complete. Review the error, find out the reason of failure, fix it – and Recovery Manager will continue from where it was in the process.
Site Administrator 4.2.1 (download)
  • Information Portal site permissions and user permissions reports became even better. Both reports now go down to folder, document and item level. That’s it. Anywhere in your site permissions are not inherited – you will see that on the report.
  • I love how Information Portal recognizes users permissions in SharePoint and securely trims the data in reports that they can see. But how do I demo this feature? With this release just sign in as a different user! Click the user name on the top of the page and type in another account.
  • Other enhancements to Information Portal include more links for drilldown reports, user permissions search on a web app level, and site search for the site owners. It just keeps getting better!
With these two releases out of the door, both products are on their way to the next versions – stay tuned to hear more soon!
Ilia Sotnikov
Product Manager @QuestSharePoint