Performance Testing - Migrating Large Lotus Notes Databases to SharePoint 2013

I am reviewing how we do some performance testing of our NMSP tool. I am migrating Notes documents from a custom Lotus Notes discussion database to SharePoint 2013. I hope that readers can use these results as a relative comparison for their own purpose. However, I caution everyone that their own performance test results can vary from these based on their own test environment and test databases.

I am including details on SharePoint 2013 list limitations because we all need to be aware of physical limits that are within SharePoint. Some of these limits cannot be changed in configuration while other default limits are recommended. Our NMSP tool is constrained by these limits.

I will also review server hardware requirements, our NMSP Import service, and the SharePoint Search services. These are all related as you will see later in the document. The migration jobs are constrained by memory limits on the SharePoint 2013 server.

I include a topic in the appendix on increasing the list view threshold in SharePoint 2013.

You can read the document by clicking on the link here:

Randy Rempel

Senior Product Manager