SharePoint Resolutions for 2011

Thought I’d give you some ideas for some new years resolutions for your SharePoint environments…

1. Get out of your single server install and move to a farm and commit to never doing a basic install.

2. Add Disaster Recovery

3. Look at external blob storage for your 2010 farm (Don’t get serious unless you’ve got a third party provider)

4. Upgrade the extranet farm to claims based auth

5. Upgrade the SharePoint deployment to SharePoint 2010 or complete your upgrade.

6. Complete your evaluation of Migration tools and partners

7. Reduce your restore SLA with a tool (consider tools like Quest Recovery Manager)

8. Get in control and demand quality - Implement a governance or change management strategy, ITIL, COBIT or MOF

9. Start a SharePoint user group inside your corporation

10. Join a SharePoint User Group and get involved. Already involved? Consider leadership. Already a leader, invite others to take over and step aside join the board.

11. Speak at a conference, consider a user group, code camp or SharePoint Saturday

12. Get SharePoint 2010 trained! Go get some quality training and attend a conference. (Consider TEC 2011 in Las Vegas, or others like SPTECHCON in San Fran or Boston, Aus or NZ SPC). You do that every year? Go to a Teched or conference outside the country. Teched Middle East is going to rock, as is

13. Get SharePoint 2010 Certified – you’ve got 4 tests to consider or more if you don’t already have 2007.

14. For the really serious… Consider the SharePoint 2010 MCM that’s a pretty serious goal/resolution.

15. Take on the file servers, the public folders, or Notes environment and migrate and ultimately shut down (a great goal) an existing environment.

16. Take on a challenge of creating 50% or more of new applications on SharePoint rather than building custom .NET apps.

17. Consider how Office 365 could change your IT and plan how you will respond

18. Deploy My Sites and Profiles for SharePoint 2010. It takes some planning, but it will pay off and provide some job security. Already have em? Add 1 or 2 external sources to make them even richer.

19. Read a SharePoint book or 4.

20. Write a SharePoint book or ebook. Everybody loves free. It’s great for building a reputation.

21. Start a blog or write an article or whitepaper or start blogging with existing site (consider or SharePoint Magazine.)

22. Create a twitter account and contribute (don’t just consume).

23. Respond to and contribute to the TechNet/MSDN Newsgroups. Set a goal for a contribution level or score.

24. Write a sandbox solution, silverlight webpart, or customize a JQuery class for SharePoint and share it!

25. Start or contribute to a solution

26. Make friends with your favorite SharePoint people… Start with facebook friends, and then respond to them and invite them to speak in your city at your usergroup

27. Run a SharePoint Saturday or Code Camp

28. Involved in Office 365? Send beta feedback. Involved in 15? Submit a bug or even better submit a lot of bugs and feedback and stay involved.

29. Analyze your usage results and respond appropriately

30. Buy lunch for your favorite SharePoint blogger.

31. Consider a portal redesign and do some real UX or start fresh with a new 2010 Masterpage

32. Consider private cloud with Rackspace or FPWeb

33. Move from physical to virtual

34. Upgrade the RAM

35. Upgrade to SQL 2008 R2

36. Start measuring your uptime (pretend) you have an SLA of 99.95

37. Setup an Operations meeting to review your metrics and reports and evaluate quality of service (consider a reporting or compliance tool like Site Admin)

38. Build a solution using Azure

39. Reduce your support SLA

40. Optimize your homepage

41. Optimize or create a service center

42. Involve a project manager in your next deployment project

43. Set a goal to get the business more involved in the deployment

44. Get the CIO excited about what you’re doing with SharePoint

45. Create a Dashboard for the CEO

46. Implement a BI solution

47. Start planning now for the taxonomy for the term store and managed metadata service

49. Create an open forum (discussion list, user group, or feedback box?) for end user feedback on your SharePoint service.

50. Make your deployment social…


Just scratching the service, but I hope it’s got you thinking…