Site Administrator for #SharePoint Now Available in Microsoft #Azure Marketplace

Once users realize how cool SharePoint is, it’s not so cool for system administrators. SharePoint sites spread like wildfire, so the complexity of migrating to SharePoint, and managing a SharePoint site’s security, growth, and content increases. This has the biggest impact on system administrators, since they’ll need a way to properly govern their SharePoint environment. It’s their job to report, act upon, and enforce policies within SharePoint, not to mention delegate site and site collection management tasks to content owners.

Meaning, Site Administrator for SharePoint is an ideal solution. It centralizes management actions and policy enforcement allowing site administrators to gain insight into SharePoint 2010 and 2013 environments. It also allows them do the following:

  • Better understand the infrastructure by identifying and reporting on the entire SharePoint environment, including farms, servers, and previously unknown instances.
  • Cross-farm and cross-version enterprise-wide reporting for security, content, user activity, and IT infrastructure.
  • Reduce the time spent tracking down user activity and more time providing quality information to stakeholders.

The best part? Site Administrator for SharePoint is Azure certified and available in the new Microsoft Azure Marketplace. You can spin up a virtual machine from the Azure Gallery that includes Site Administrator.

Download the free 30-day trial version of Site Administrator for SharePoint, and don’t forget to leave your comments here, ask questions in the discussions area, or reach out to us on Twitter.