Twain Error - Scanner not found?

When an organization moves to a virtual environment, users often experience disruptions to their document scanning workflow and may be presented with this vexing error message, which indicates that the scanner is not found:

Why is my scanner not found?


In a virtual environment, the scanning application is running on the server, not on the local workstation where the user is scanning. The user is accessing the scanning application through a virtual session.  The scanning application will by default look for a scanner that is connected to the server. Of course there will be no scanner connected to the server, because the user is using the scanner at their local workstation. When the scanning application does not find the scanner, up comes the pesky error message that no scanner driver can be found.


The user, impatient for a solution so that they can move onto their next task, may then try workarounds that take extra time and present compliance risks.


How to solve this scanner not found issue

This problem is exactly what RemoteScan is designed to solve. RemoteScan is installed both on the server and on the workstation, enabling communication over the encrypted virtual channels between the remotely hosted scanning application and the local scanner. When the user logs into the virtual session to access the scanning application on the server, RemoteScan will detect the local scanner at the workstation as a scanner choice, allowing the user to seamlessly drive a scan and store the scanned image immediately on the server.

Companies are going paperless

Document scanning, a critical component of today’s paperless office workflow, can present a number of challenges to users that sometimes take up a disproportionate amount of their time. Users often must guess the correct DPI and color depth for the image when it is scanned. Additionally users commonly contend with extremely slow scanning speeds, paper jams, and other issues.

For an added bonus, RemoteScan includes customizable defaults and templates that offer presets for DPI, color depth, image dimensions, and more. Experiencing slow scan speeds? RemoteScan optimizations can help. RemoteScan also enables scanners to be shared on a network, much like sharing a printer.

You can learn more about RemoteScan in this video: