Velocity 2011 Day 1: Embrace complexity, it's not going away anytime soon!

Yesterday was a great day at Velocity Web Performance and Operations 2011. The day was spent watching great sessions and talking to people about their jobs and applications. That complexity is growing is clear. That people are also looking for how to better adapt and manage through that complexity is also clear.


My favorite session of the day was: “Advanced Postmordem FU and Human Error 101” by John Allspaw of Etsy. He presented a compelling case that modern application are complex systems that extend far beyond infrastructure and code to include the people who interact with the system and organizational goals that shape peoples decisions. By embracing the full complexity of the system and creating a positive, progressive culture that emphasizes accountability and discourages blame, web operations teams can more effectively deal with the crazy challenges they face.


I'm looking forward to more sessions and conversations, and I hope to meet some of you at the Quest booth !