Video: How to get started with Foglight 5.9 Virtual Appliances (they rock!)

I wanted to share a video with our community to explain what is needed to get started with Foglight 5.9 Virtual APM Appliances. The video will guide you through the download and installation and end with a fairly detailed overview of what your environment will look like when the installation is completed. In the video, we use one monitored web server, as an example, but more advanced cases may use distributed virtual switches or multiple sniffers to analyze multiple web servers. Users may additionally choose to configure APM dashboards, instrument their web browsers, deploy Java and/or .NET agents, and even monitor other virtualized hosts for extended APM visibility. This basic install will enable all of these capabilities.

The virtual appliances are very popular with our clients because they make product evaluations and installs so much easier for them. One customer has a single Foglight Management Server (FMS) deployed with 40 different sniffers that monitor over 20,000 target websites.