Virtualization Beer Fans Unite

This week the vFoglight product team is in St. Louis working on roadmap planning with our R&D team. At the start of this year, we made a very important decision on a naming standard for our product release codenames. We're working chronologically through the alphabet using beer names, and simply put, we're stuck.


We kicked off the year strong with Abita as the first release. I'm personally a Purple Haze fan, especially during he summer, but I'm also a sucker for their Jockamo IPA.


It was actually relatively difficult to follow a beer like Abita. Ultimately, we settled on Bitburger, which I don't feel is the strongest name we could have gone with, but at least it isn't Budweiser.


We made a first attempt to choose a "C" beer last night and failed miserably. In order to save our livers and ability to coherently develop software, we need some help from the community on your favorite suggestions that should be sampled for our next code name. We have a decent grasp on "D", which we'll eventually announce, but definitely not before we figure out "C". Do we go Chimay? Corsendonk? Carlsberg? Coors (Please say no)?


Reach out through the blog or Twitter (@VMGuru) and give us your suggestions. We promise to thoroughly sample each suggestion to make sure we get our decision right!