vRanger: Because data protection is not just about backup

It’s interesting that we mostly focus on backup when considering data protection because, in the end when seconds count, it all boils down to recovery—recovery is all we care about. Sure backups are fundamental and we need to perform them regularly, but in the 24x7 on-line world of modern business, it’s the minutes during recovery that count. Data protection, in the end, is really all about recovery. But with all our emphasis on our tool’s backup capabilities, we often don’t focus on recovery features and performance. What we risk is that when seconds count, our recovery could be hours instead of minutes away, if at all.

So we ought to ask ourselves: do we know our recovery tool’s features and performance? Finding the VM images we need to restore and restoring them as fast as possible is job one when our business suffers an outage. So what should we look for? Consider Quest vRanger, the #1 VMware data protection tool. vRanger offers unmatched VM restore capabilities: a best-in-class integrated catalog, the only simple three-click restore in the market, and the capability to perform 20 restores in parallel—other VMware backup tools run only one job at a time. Our customers use vRanger when minutes count because recovery with other tools might be hours away. And, after all, it really is all about recovery.

That’s the reason #2 why vRanger is #1 in VMware data protection. For more reasons why vRanger is #1 see the attached list.