What if You Could Buy Time with Your Powerball Winnings?

With the enormous pot of gold that was looming over everyone’s head over the last few weeks, more and more folks picked up a Powerball ticket. People who have never gambled before have purchased tens of tickets for the growing drawings over the last two weeks. I put my feet to the street and asked a few of my friends how they would spend the money.

Think of the Possibilities

  1. Pay off debt
  2. Buy an island
  3. Buy an island that had a shark fence, swimming ponies and elephant powered showers
  4. Move to California
  5. Set up an adoption agency the assisted families financially to get through the costly adoption process
  6. Invest in my self-made Martial Arts business – built a state of the art facility and have a sliding scale so all students could practice
  7. Buy a bigger house
  8. Buy a mule, bring it to the office and watch as it mule kicks some of my colleagues as I give my notice
  9. Whatever the hell I want
  10. Hide
  11. Buy the company I work for and turn the bottom floor of the office into a posh animal rescue center so the workers could take a break and walk the animals
  12. Put a mariachi band and team of people to blow bubbles on my payroll to announce entry wherever I go
  13. Two words: Dancing monkeys
  14. A month in Italy trying to decide what to do next
  15. A paid trip to space
  16. Anonymously help people in need
  17. Spend a year in the missions field in Haiti
  18. Find a cure for CCHS
  19. Go to Disneyland!
  20. Buy the company I work for and hire all of the good people, that I like, that have left over the years
  21. Become a clown and hand out money to people who have good hair
  22. Live my life convincing everyone I’m a super hero
  23. Get a huge bouncy house and a lifetime supply of beef jerky

Ok, we get the point.  Most of the people I surveyed want an easier life – free from structure and worry.

But, what about TIME?

What if the winner of the lottery was allotted more TIME?  Time is something that money can’t buy. Or can it?

If you are an IT administrator, chances are you don’t have time. You are up against deadlines constantly to meet SLAs.  You work feverishly to close out helpdesk tickets while new tickets pop up.

The Windows management business is focused on supplying your organization with products and solutions to give you back time. OK, it’s not the same as winning Powerball -  but we let companies simplify and automate a wide range of administrative functions for Active Directory®, Exchange, Lync®, SharePoint®, Office 365™ and more. Deliver the capabilities users need while freeing your staff to focus on innovation so your organization can be future ready. The end result, more time for you.

Take 3 minutes and learn why Quest is the leader in Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and Office 365 with modernization solutions that help organizations get future ready and keep pace with evolving business priorities.