Change Auditor

Change Auditor Coordinator and IT Security Search on same server.

Hi Guys.

We are using change auditor (for AD) in several domains and would like to try out IT Security Search now. I wonder if I do have to set up a new server dedicated to ISS or if it is possible to combine ISS with a server that has a coordinator on it (at least just for testing). The ISS install guide stated that you "should not do it" but does not give further details. In addition the mentioned server does not host the database, just the coordinator. Does anyone here has experience in mixing up both applications?




  • Hi Alex, this is a response from one of our Sr. Systems Consultants that is well versed in IT Security Search:
    "If the coordinator also has the CA Web client, then this is a bad idea. The two cannot co-exist.

    If you just want to test ITSS then you should just stand up a VM and install. The prerequisites for ITSS are very light and Install and config is very very easy. The beautiful thing is when you are done testing you can simply delete the VM. No configuration changes need to be made to CA itself.

    If you decide to use ITSS after testing then you have a VM already and would probably just need to boost CPU & RAM.

    If you use a coordinator, we'll then you have to uninstall ITSS and (if you decide to use it) install it on another server. This probably means a coordinator reboot, and (as I said above) possible reconfiguration if the web client."

    We can always connect you to your Account's system consultant for further clarification if this doesn't help.
  • Hi Austin.

    Thanks, I will setup a new VM then. And also thanks for the super fast response ;-)

  • More than welcome! Also we have an upcoming IT Security Search webcast, as an FYI. We should have registration page information too so once we do I can reply with that information, if that would be of interest to you.

    The webcast will be Aug 23rd with a 3rd party vendor we work with, Randy Franklin Smith. We will have one of our current Quest customers join us on that webcast to share a bit of their experience with ITSS and what they are using it for, so you might learn something there.