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How to get a report of all computers with incorrect time?

I noticed that on some computers time is off from five minutes to an hour and its causing various problems. Is it possible to generate a report  with DA Reporting ?

  • Hi Andersonm,
    I fully understand the problem. The incorrect time can cause many problems which are too numerous to list. In answer to your specific question, there is no feature to report on the incorrect time because the time on the client machine is used in the script and it is not compared to the time on another given machine. However, there is a Time Synchronization feature that will synchronize the time on the client machines and that should resolve your issue.

    Expand any user management profile in the DA console and then click on the Time Synchronization object. Click on Add to create a new element and specify the Time server by browsing out to a specific server and it will place the server name in the Time server field (\\Server). The recommended method is not to browse but simply enter $LServer in the Time server field which is a pre-defined variable for the authenticating domain controller. The pre-defined variable $LServer includes the backslashes automatically so all that you have to enter is $LServer in the Time server field and the time on the client machines will be adjusted automatically when the script runs at logon.