User getting inactivity message when logging in

I have a single user who, upon logging into their machine at the start of the day, is prompted that they will be logged out due to inactivity.

This only happens to them, and I can't find anything under the inactivity section that would cause this. It's not a huge issue but they have complained about it a few times now.

Does anyone know what could be causing this? As I've said, the inactivity setting under the profile used doesn't show anything that I can see that would cause this to happen, especially to only one person.

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  • So just in case anyone else has this issue in the future, I have found the solution to my question.

    It turns out the thin client that this user logs in with had an expired security certificate. The setting to ignore security certs was enabled. Once I updated the security certificate, and reconfigured the thin client to always check the security certs, they no longer experienced the issue.

    Good luck to anyone else who comes across this weird issue.
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