unable to install the desktop authority 10.2

As I have seen that the new version of desktop authority has been released, So I have tried to download and install it on my iMac Pro. After the downloading, when I am trying to install, there are lots of error showing. So I asked 

Apple iPhone Support about this issue but they responded there is no issue because of the iMac Pro. So may I know the reason for this installation issue and also the solution to fix these errors?

  • Hello mh6658805,

    Desktop Authority (DA) is a desktop management platform for Windows-based networks. At this time DA does not offer support for Mac OS. However this is under consideration by our Product Management team to be included in a future release of DA. If this is something you would like to see added to DA, please submit feature/enhancement request to the Desktop Authority User Voice Forum. If the submission is already there please vote on it to move it up the list to improve it's visibility.