Can I put computer accounts in AD group to exclude from folder redirection?

We have a Samsung tablet that for some reason is being detected as a desktop computer.  This means our folder redirection is running at logon which redirects Desktop, Documents, Favorites, Start Menu to our DFS file server.  This is a problem if the user takes this tablet off network because he cannot do anything.  Even something simple like opening a word document errors out that it can't find normal.dotm.  So we repaired the User Shell Folders in the registry and its all fixed, but then when logging back into the network DA again re-applies folder redirection like its a desktop.

Client Classification         = DESK

Why DA would detect a Samsung tablet that has a touch screen and an m3 processor as a desktop is beyond me.  Anyway we put this AD account in an active directory group called LG-NoFolderRedirection.  On all 4 of these elements we added an if group not equal to LG-FolderRedirection.

Will this work?

  • Ok no this did not work.  We imported a fixed registry key to restore the folder redirection to the defaults, then he restarted.  DA reset it all back!  So now I added another element to each folder redirection element IF Computer name NOT EQUAL to "dcu00721"

    So it looks like this:
    IF ComputerOU Equals \Company Computers\*
    AND Group Not equal LG-NoFolderRedirection   (did not work)
    AND Computer Not equal DCU00721   (Samsung Windows 10 Tablet)

    Standard Rules:
    Desktop, Embedded, Terminal Server Client, Member Server

    OS: 7,8.1,10
    Connection Type: LAN, Dial-up
    Timing: Logon
    Virtualization (all)
    Platform: x86, x64