Let's test SQL Server Optimal Backup Settings with LiteSpeed!

Let’s compare these two different conversations.

Conversation 1:            


Conversation 2:


Does this situation ring you a bell? Do not worry!  Backup Analyser is here to help you even though nobody answers your questions .With just a few clicks you can have a nice graph and an Excel file with that information!

Let’s start! First open Backup Analyser.You can open it from the Database menu or selecting a database in the Backup Manager and r-clicking

Then the Backup Analyzer wizard guides you through selecting the backup parameters to test. The wizard tests all of the different combinations of your
selected parameters by backing up a portion of the database. Ah! And do not worry:  It does not interfere with existing backup schedules or sets:


Note: To test striped backups, click Add to add several destinations and select the Test backup striping to selected backup locations checkbox on the Backup Location page.
If you add more than two destinations, select both checkboxes to test all destination combinations.

Note: Minimum: 1 GB sample size.
Recommendation: 10 GB sample size. The combination of compression levels, encryption options, and backup locations should be considered. For example, if you sample 4 GB of data with 10 different tests, LiteSpeed will take the same amount of time as it takes to back up 40 GB. On very large databases, you can speed up the analysis by reducing the number of backup combinations or by reducing the amount of sample data.

Note for Advanced option hyperlink:  LiteSpeed defaults typically result in the best performance. You should only modify advanced options after careful planning and testing.  For more information please check LiteSpeed help.

And here you have a nice graph and excel!

That was only one situation where Backup Analyzer can help you but I am sure you already see how powerful this option is.
Many questions and considerations spring to mind when planning or changing our backup strategy! For example: Whats happens if i increase compression? How will encryption affect backups, speed?, size? We are moving from disk to cloud, how this will affect to the duration of the backups?
Backup Analyser can help you on all these situations.
And remember that you can schedule the Backup Analyser so it runs outside busy hours!
I hope this helps and that you enjoy this feature!