Break Down Your IT Silos

Do you divide and conquer your data growth? Many IT departments today struggle to keep pace with rapidly changing business needs, especially when it comes to exponential data growth. Not only is data volume increasing, but it’s more complex and more critical than ever to your business.

Your team must also stay up to date on compliance and regulatory requirements and, most likely, deliver deeper insights into customer behaviour.

Add to this the requirement that system resources stay available at all times. Downtime and data loss are out of the question. But with so much data throughout your IT environment, establishing a comprehensive backup and recovery plan can feel nearly impossible. If your organization is like most these days, your IT folks work in silos, taking a divide and conquer approach to the tasks related to data growth. You likely resort to native tools, manual processes and spreadsheets, which is an imprecise and unintegrated approach — and it puts your critical data at risk.

A recent IDC survey ranked spending on data growth as one of the top priorities for IT executives, with 35 percent of respondents stating that growth in their environment is an enormous challenge. And securing that data is an even bigger priority. Respondents to the survey ranked security and compliance as their No. 1 issue.

To stay relevant in today’s ever-evolving business environment, you’ve got to establish a more integrated approach to data management, analysis and protection. Focus your teams on the business as a whole.

We’ve put together a solution brief that outlines ways that Quest data protection solutions can help you integrate your entire data landscape and establish consistency, control and relevance across all of your silos. Unlock the people, time and resources that have been trapped in silos managing these challenges and refocus them on innovation and IT transformation.

Download our brief to get ideas for how you can:

  • Control and understand your data growth.
  • Unlock hidden resources.
  • Future-proof your data protection strategy.

Download the White Paper

Check out the solution brief on how to break down your IT silos.