DR 4300e Core performance Improvements

DR 4300e Core performance improvements using the latest DR OS

The DR4300e Core is an entry level deduplication appliance that scales from 4.5TB to 27TB of post RAID usable capacities.  The latest DR operating system – DR OS version include components that are specifically designed for the DR4300e Core to create significant performance enhancements.

A popular way to test the performance of deduplication appliances is to run multiple concurrent backup jobs to it at the same time.   The following data shows that by upgrading to the latest DR OS, the DR4300e performance increased by 67.7% when 8 backup jobs were run concurrently.  In other words, the backup window abilities for DR4300e appliances significantly increased by 67.7%. 


% Performance Improvement

CIFS Peak Performance – Multi Stream Ingest



By upgrading, immediate performance benefits are experienced including Rapid CIFS acceleration abilities with Veeam Backup & Replication software.

DR Rapid is an acceleration suite of plugins which includes Rapid CIFS.  Rapid CIFS allows for Veeam Backup & Replication and other third party backup software to minimize the network as a backup bottleneck by deduplicating at the source (Before it hits the LAN).  In Veaam’s case, the source side deduplication occurs at the proxy server. 

By upgrading to DR OS, Veeam Backup & Recovery using Rapid CIFS could experience up to a 31.3% performance improvement.


% Performance Improvement

Rapid CIFS Multi Stream Ingest



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