Introducing NetVault Backup 9

Today, at the Dell Storage Forum in Paris, we proudly unveiled NetVault Backup 9. This release is the culmination of months of hard work from our product management and engineering teams.

The latest version of Quest’s enterprise-class data protection software provides organizations of all sizes greater flexibility and performance in storage and disaster recovery. Let me tell you how:


Extended & Enhanced Platform Support

IT systems have evolved into a thriving yet complicated ecosystem. Virtualization can further complicate things, especially when it comes to backup and disaster recovery. Organizations need a backup and recovery solution that offers comprehensive protection that will meet their needs today and into the future.

NetVault Backup has always offered extensive support for many different platforms (physical and virtual), messaging applications, databases, processor architectures, and networked storage devices. In NetVault Backup 9, we’ve extended and enhanced this platform support. (And you may notice that NetVault Backup 9 benefits from some of the cross-pollination occurring between the NetVault and vRanger product teams.)

  • Physical – Added protection for Windows Server 2012 and Novell OES 11
  • Virtual – Enhanced protection for VMware and Hyper-V:
  • VMware: NetVault Backup 9 will offer an improved user experience (adopting vCenter tree structure conventions. It will also allow customers to restore individual files from within a VMware guest (Windows or Linux). They now have the power to restore either individual files or restore an entire VM from a single image-level backup stored on disk.
  • Hyper-V: NetVault Backup 9 will support for virtual machines disks allocated on Clustered Shared Volumes (CSV).
  • Application – Added protection for MS SQL Server 2012, and improved functionality and platform support for MySQL and Oracle

Greater Flexibility & Performance in Storage & DR

Organizations are trying to manage more data than ever before. And their customers and employees have become less and less tolerant of data loss and service interruptions. As a result, many organizations are turning to disk-based backup, deduplication, and replication to save on storage costs, reduce recovery times and quickly restore operations in the event of a disaster.

With NetVault Backup 9, we are giving customers greater choice while improving the performance and utilization of their disk storage in addition to improved disaster recovery solutions.


  • Software-Based Deduplication – In conjunction with the NetVault Backup 9 release, we will also introduce NetVault SmartDisk 2.0, a software-based data deduplication solution. Customers can replicate deduplicated data (and catalog) from a primary SmartDisk instance to a secondary SmartDisk target. Since only unique bytes are sent over the wire, replication is super-efficient. In the event of a disaster, data can be recovered from disk faster and with more reliability.
  • Hardware-Based Deduplication – NetVault Backup 9 will have the ability to target Dell deduplication appliances, beginning with the DR4000. Through the use of innovative Dell deduplication and compression technology, the DR4000 can help achieve a data-reduction level up to 15:1. This reduction in data means more backup data can be retained longer and in the same footprint. NetVault Backup 9 will also offer plug-and-play integration with EMC’s Data Domain “DD Boost” software. Users can configure their NetVault Backup jobs to stream directly from clients to an EMC Data Domain system. The new integration delivers significantly faster throughput, reduced network traffic, and shortened backup windows for NetVault customers backing up to a Data Domain system. EMC DD Boost can distribute parts of the deduplication process to the NetVault Backup server and its clients. As a result, NetVault streams only unique data to the Data Domain system, significantly reducing backup times. NetVault Backup and Data Domain users can also benefit from network-efficient replication for offsite data storage and disaster recovery. Data Domain systems send only the unique backup data over the wire to the secondary (DR) Data Domain system. The process is controlled by NetVault Backup and the new locations for each saveset are stored in the NetVault catalog.
  • Tape Library Management – NetVault Backup 9 also adds support for Oracle ACSLS Managed Virtual Libraries, which allows organization to share tape libraries securely with other applications. This helps to centralize the management of tape libraries for easier administration, increased utilization, and a lower total cost of ownership.


It’s should be no surprise that many IT professionals are unhappy with their backup and recovery solution(s). In a recently survey of more than 200 IT professionals, we got a glimpse why:

  • 58% were plagued by poor performance
  • 34% struggled with unreliable recoveries
  • 29% of them said the backup solution lacked support for the latest platforms and applications
  • 43% were forced to use multiple backup solutions to protect their diverse environment


NetVault Backup 9 offers a serious alternative. It offers simple, scalable, and reliable protection for most major operating systems (physical and virtual), processor architectures, applications and networked storage topologies (NAS and SAN). They’ll benefit from greater flexibility and performance in storage and disaster recovery.

NetVault Backup 9.0 will ship in December 2012. If you are a NetVault Backup or vRanger customer and are interested in becoming a beta tester, please let us know by filling out this short form: