NetVault Backup v12.1 is Available - with Office 365 support

I’m excited to announce that NetVault Backup 12.1 is now available, along with a new plug-in for Office 365 and other updated NetVault Backup plug-ins as described below.



  • NetVault Backup (Core):
    • NetVault is now enabled for Managed Service Providers (MSP) with a new multi-tenant architecture
    • Single sign-on capability expanded to Linux and Unix environments via LDAP support
    • Foglight for Virtualization 8.8 integration. Monitor multiple NetVault servers through a single console
    • Application aware SAN snapshot enhancements
    • User experience, policy management and catalog search enhancements.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Plug-in (BRAND NEW!):
    • Full and incremental backup and recovery of Office365 Exchange Online Mailbox
    • Optimized for backup performance with multi-threading and multi-streaming architecture
    • Flexible restore options
    • Built using Microsoft Graph API to facilitate future growth.
  • VMware Plug-in:
    • Updated VMware vSphere 6.7 support
    • New capability to select VM's for backup using include and exclude patterns.
  • SharePoint Plug-in
    • SPFarm Backup Method support. Enables the backup for the entire farm or individual Site Collections
    • Microsoft Windows Pure64 support for SharePoint 2010
    • Support for SharePoint 2016 running SQL Server 2017 Database Server
    • Automated deletion of temporary backups. After a successful backup, backups in the temporary directory are deleted.


Now you can simplify your enterprise backup and recovery operations and expand system and application protection - with NetVault Backup.