Quest QoreStor Software-Defined Secondary Storage Solution is Available

Quest® QoreStor is Quest’s new software-defined secondary storage platform for IT organizations looking to accelerate backup performance, significantly reduce storage costs and leverage the cloud for disaster recovery and business continuity. As a pure software solution, we potentially have a “game-changer” in the industry!

 While it’s a new product, QoreStor already has a strong track record as it’s based on Quest’s proven and resilient DR Appliance deduplication and replication technologies—already adopted globally.

 Unlike other storage solutions, QoreStor is pure software and offers superior deduplication, helping IT organizations save thousands of dollars in storage costs. Its protocol accelerators and dedupe technology significantly accelerates backup performance. Plus, built-in replication and encryption helps customers migrate data to the cloud with confidence. QoreStor is designed to be completely “open” – meaning customers can use the backup software and storage devices they desire*.


  • Hardware- and software-agnostic platform: Supports any storage hardware, backup software*, virtualization platform or cloud provider to reduce costs, simplify the IT environment and maximize the return on investment (ROI) for existing technologies
  • Next-generation storage dedupe engine: Lowers backup storage requirements by an average of 20:1 with enterprise-class variable-block deduplication
  • Built-in protocol accelerators: Accelerates data ingest by up to 20 terabytes per hour to address ever-shortening backup windows using built-in protocol accelerators that speed write operations using optimized client-side deduplication, with only unique data chunks sent to QoreStor
  • Remote replication for disaster recovery: Replicates only unique data to remote site, reduces the replication windows by 10 to 15 times, reduces network bandwidth requirements by 85 percent and shortens overall replication time
  • Back up to the cloud: Allows you to back up directly to the cloud over your WAN but with LAN-like speeds through source-side deduplication where only the changes are transmitted, and ensures recovery point objectives (RPOs) that are typical of on-premises deployments, even over the WAN
  • Secure connect: Helps ensure complete backups, even over poor links that disconnect often — links can disconnect many times, but backup will continue once connection is re-established — and encrypts data sent across the WAN
  • Direct-to-target backup: Bypasses the media server and allows you to back up directly to the target storage device
  • Data security: Addresses demanding security requirements with built-in encryption at rest, secure erase and FIPS 140-2 compliance — encryption at rest uses industry-standard 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) keys, which are generated either one time or at set intervals
  • Best-in class data integrity: Performs data verification and file system health checks to overcome potential storage failures and help ensure recoverability
  • Multitenancy: Permits easy creation of storage groups — and containers within those storage groups — to define separate storage policies and capacities within a single QoreStor system.
  • QorePortal integration: Helps you manage your entire QoreStor infrastructure. Instead of managing each QoreStor instance separately, QorePortal provides a global view and full management of all your QoreStor deployments — all in a single UI.

So what’s in it for our Partners? Besides having a great solution to grow their business selling to their existing Data Protection customers and new prospects, QoreStor can help partners:

  • Become “Implementation Certified” by completing the Quest QoreStor implementation training program. Then they can offer implementation services as value-add or to differentiate their offering in the market. Implementation services can be a profitable business.
  • Move from being a VAR to MSP: Offer their own Disaster Recovery (DR) service whether they use their own datacenter or leverage a public cloud like Azure or AWS. DR is a growing market and need, and with QoreStor, they’ll be able to separate and more easily manage each customer’s storage individually.
  • Evolve from MSP to CSP: If they’re already providing Data Protection managed services, they’ll be able to more easily add cloud services to their offerings using QoreStor replication to the cloud. If they don’t want to run QoreStor in their own data center, they can leverage cloud based installations of QoreStor and manage them on behalf of their customers, transforming them from an MSP to a CSP (Cloud Service Provider).
  • Offer an Appliance: If they want to differentiate their QoreStor solution and gain additional hardware and software revenue, they can build and sell their own tested QoreStor appliance for customers and prospects that prefer to buy a “plug-and-play” solution. Our QoreStor hardware certification tools allow them to quickly and easily self-certify.

 *QoreStor 4.1 supports both Quest and non-Quest backup software as outlined below.

 Supported Clients

 MORE GREAT NEWS: Our product team is already working on major enhancements including supporting a wider range of backup software. Join our QoreStor Beta Program and see for yourself Just submit a request to join.