Rapid Recovery - More recovery choices

Do you ever notice that a limited number of options makes achieving goals difficult? For example, when painting a wall, going to a paint store with a large number of paint choices will result with better success than if going to a paint store with a limited selection.

When it comes to backup and recovery solutions, Rapid Recovery offers more ways to backup and recover data. Rapid Recovery is an extremely flexible solution that does not limit customers when protecting data, rather it allows for a greater number of ways to get an environment up and running again, really fast.

Current backup solutions and appliances have limited restore capabilities. Data may be recovered near immediately, but their recovery target choices are restricted. If one cannot recover data to the desired location, near immediate data recovery is not useful. For example, most backup and recovery solutions can only near-immediately recover VMware virtual machines in VMware. What will one do when their virtual machines become corrupt in an unstable VMware environment? What if an environment is running multi-hypervisors and you cannot recover across them? These solutions are limiting your recovery options and productivity.

Rapid Recovery is more like a paint store with a large number of choices, as Rapid Recovery has many recovery options to get you up and running quickly. For example, a VMware protected machine can be near immediately recovered to other hypervisors such as, Hyper-V, VitualBox, Azure, and VMware Workstation.  Rapid Recovery’s flexible recovery capability is called Cross Hypervisor Recovery which makes recovery simple while improving recovery success.

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