The Power of Not Having To Choose

The world we live in is one dominated by change. Technology is always pushing forward to new and (sometimes) better things. Trends in the industry seem endless and rapid and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. The great technology debates always rage on in one form or another: Physical vs Virtual; Local vs Cloud; Disk vs Tape. The “Next Big Thing” is always on the horizon, beckoning you to invest your time and your money just to keep up.

Unfortunately, many IT departments do not have the luxury of an infinite budget or spare manpower to investigate and implement these changes, even if they have the desire or need. Or sometimes, the “Next Big Thing” fit’s some of your environmental needs but not all of them, leading to heterogeneous and overlapping infrastructure. It’s difficult to find a backup solution that supports the messy realities of life.

Quest Software’s Rapid Recovery offers the ability to do just that. It is easy to use, flexible, reliable, and most importantly, allows you to retain your diverse environment without needing to compromise the capabilities and functionality that allow your business to run. You don’t need to choose between what you have and the “Next Big Thing” because Rapid Recovery can handle it either way.

Rapid Recovery allows you to protect both your physical and your virtual without having to compromise. Lightweight VSS-aware agents can be installed on your standalone physical machines or virtual guests to allow unobtrusive snapshots of local volumes. You also have the option of protecting your VMware or Hyper-V guests agentlessly with our Rapid Snap for Virtual feature. This will allow for easy scalability and management for larger virtual infrastructures without bogging you down with micromanagement. Whichever method you chose, you can sleep easy knowing that Rapid Recovery will protect both with ease and reliability.

Another recent trend that many IT professionals are exploring is hosting data in the cloud. Rapid Recovery allows you to protect your local infrastructure while also allowing you to host critical data with a variety of cloud providers. You can choose to archive long term data to a cloud storage account with Microsoft Azure, Amazon S3, Rackspace, and OpenStack, providing reliable offsite storage of critical data, even if you don’t own a second site yourself. You also have the option of replicating your backup recovery points to a “Replication Target” VM or simply hosting a “Virtual Standby”, both in Azure, for quicker availability in a disaster recovery scenario.

Many IT administrators will be familiar with the age old question of disk vs tape. Luckily, Rapid Recovery provides the ability to utilize both media in whatever way makes sense for your organization. Primary backups will be written to a local, disk-based repository to take advantage of Rapid Recovery’s excellent deduplication and compression algorithm (usually around 60-90% reduction in storage space) as well as the Live Recovery and Granular Recovery features, all of which require quick and reliable access to the data store. You then have the option of archive any subset of your backups to our “Tape Integrator” which will allow you to offload your data for long term archival on tape. You get the best of both worlds in a single solution.

Finally, while it may not be a choice that most IT departments make willingly, budgetary and personnel constraints often force a decision between a backup solution that is fast and efficient or one that comprehensive and reliable. Rapid Recovery allows you to have it all, with our extremely quick backup and recovery times, proactive application integrity checks, support for physical to virtual migration, easy implementation and management, and hardware agnostic bare metal restores, just to name a few of the available features.

The technology industry doesn’t need to be defined by hard decisions. Quest Software offers a single backup and disaster recovery solution that can cover a wide variety of needs at an affordable price. And if Rapid Recovery doesn’t meet your needs, one of Quest’s other backup solutions such as NetVault Backup and vRanger, are likely to help fill that gap. Backups are vital but they shouldn’t be an ordeal. Let Quest Software give you peace of mind and reliability and embrace the power of not having to choose.

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