Your NetVault DB is gonna need a bigger boat.

Running into the Jaws of impending disk space complications is never fun, and in most cases can be remedied by just adding another disk, allocating more space to an existing disk, or just by freeing up space on a disk by deleting junk you don't need there. This is especially easy in the case Virtual Machines. However, what if you do not have that luxury? And let's be honest, there is always some space lying around somewhere, right? But let's say you don't. Also, in this case, we have NetVault Backup, whose backend runs a Postgres Database where it keeps EVERYTHING (related to NetVault Backup), almost.

We are now up to the NetVault 11 Series, but previous to NetVault 10.x, it used to run a flat-file application and database. It was easy enough to always just Stop the NV Services, copy the Database folder (located in the NetVault home directory) and move to another disk on the local machine with plenty of space. Then, you just have to make sure you edited a  NetVault config file to point to the new path and VOILA, up and running with plenty of free space to spare!

Running out of space can be a problem, especially in cases when an application requires some ample free disk space to run. NetVault is one of those. You do however,  have a 90% threshold, and you will be notified in the logs if you have surpassed this, just do not let it go past 95% as that is when the problems arise.

Now, it should be mentioned that running out of space in general due to the NetVault DB was most commonly due to large backup indexes and retention (how long you were keeping those indexes around) - but sometimes the space allocation was maybe not planned so well. Either way, there was an easy way to fix it provided there was another disk available to relocate the DB, or space to reclaim in its existing location.

The good news is, this hasn't really changed that much, but in the new NetVault, you can't just copy the Database and move it to another location willy-nilly. This would cause issues in NetVault and Postgres that you really don't want to have. As I mentioned, the new NetVault runs a Postgres DB, so if the need arises where one cannot compensate for space at least on the disk it is currently on, then the only option is to relocate the DB to another disk (ON THE SAME MACHINE) where space is sufficient.

All this aside, in terms of NetVault and its DB size, the Postgres Database backend has actually helped to really shrink the size of the NetVault Database compared to NetVault 9. During the upgrade, the DB gets imported into Postgres and is truncated fairly well, so your new DB imported into pgSQL will be noticeably smaller than it was before.

Here is an excellent Knowledgebase Article that will help you to accomplish this goal and get you smooth sailing again, as I'm sure you have bigger Fish to Fry than dealing with NetVault DB space issues. This KB will guide you on how to migrate the NetVault Database safely, and do so on either a Windows or Linux platform. As always though, please contact Support if you need any assistance with this.


Also, please check out this other KB Article. It discusses why the NV Database can grow and how to manage it from getting too large.