Don't be SPOOKED by Ghostly NetVault backups - there is an explanation.

Do you have backups that go BUMP in the night, that haunt your email with "backup failed" messages, and worst of all, that backup is no longer alive?

Well I can assure you there is no Paranormal Activity going on here. No Specter in your Server, no Hauntings on your hardware, no.....Okay you get the point. 

Besides, if there were such a thing as ghosts, I am sure they could find a million things more exciting to do than to kick off backup jobs that no longer exist. 

However, the issue is not jobs running that no longer exist, or jobs that have risen from the dead, those would be Zombie jobs, and my aim is to stay on the Ghost theme here. 


SO, the big question here is why do I have backups failing for my servers that no longer exist, or no longer within the NetVault Backup Domain?

The answer is very simple actually. This can occur when you have removed backup clients from NetVault, but have not also removed the backup jobs from the Schedule. If you do not delete the Schedule, then the job will still try to run.

So, don't let the ghost of client's past haunt you too much. With just a little investigation skepticism, you will find there is always a simple explanation to things that seem unexplained.


Happy Halloween Everyone!