DR Series Appliances OS 4.0.3 Now Available

The Quest Data Protection and DR Series backup storage appliances team is thrilled to announce the availability of the latest version of the DR Series OS, v 4.0.3.

Focused on backup performance and optimization, the DR Series OS 4.0.3 is designed to support, accelerate and optimize the industry’s leading backup and recovery software solutions, including Veeam (with RapidCIFS), CommVault (with RapidCIFS/RapidNFS) and Veritas (with OST). You can find out more about our acceleration protocols in the new Tech Brief: “Faster, smarter backups with DR Rapid.”

What’s more, the DR Series OS 4.0.3 builds on data resiliency and security with air-gap cold storage functionality, enabling users to de-couple data repositories to help protect against network breeches and corruptions.

What else is new?

  • DR Series appliances now Veeam Certified with RAPID CIFS on DR4300e, DR4300, DR6300, and prior models running DR v4.0.3.0.
  • All DR2000v virtual appliances models (in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB and 12TB capacities) available as standalone solutions. 
  • Air-gap cold storage functionality: DR Series appliance ports that accept external communications are closed.  Additionally, file system is made read only, adding another layer of protection in the DR Series Resiliency Architecture.
  • Fibre channel VTL multi-initiator support with Quest NetVault Backup, to minimize the number of fibre channel initiator ports used
  • Easy to buy – no additional charges for plugins or add-ons such as accelerators, encryption or additional features.